Working on my portfolio


It's been great doing my Portfolio from scratch with Reactjs, I've learned how to use react-router-dom properly, learned more about git, and got to know new technologies like an email sender used in the form area for Contact. It's a simple website yet, only to be able to show my previous projects and a little about me, but I have my ideas for the near future.


What I have in mind right now is about creating my blog inside this website, like for example or changing my portfolio URL to, which is being a difficult decision to make, having your reader's opinion would be very appreciated.

What I'm doing right now

I'm currently working on the blog part of the website(still didn't make up my mind on the URL) and thinking about the color palette of the website because I'm not 100% sure of the current one. I'm waiting for your feedback on my portfolio.

observation: I'm a beginner developer, started programming around 6 months ago, that's the reason for the lack of projects, I'm working right now on implementing the blog feature, but soon I'll focus more on different projects